Applying Eyeliner – Top Tips for the Flick

January 24, 2013

The flicked finish to applying eyeliner is known as the winged eyeliner or a kitten flick – as it gives your look a sultry, feline finish – and has been popular since the 1950s. It is not a difficult makeup look to achieve and “practice makes perfect” so pick up some eyeliner and get a mirror!!

The flick extends from the upper line that you have applied and to create a kitten flick with a sharp edge then I would recommend a liquid eyeliner as it will provide the precision you are looking for with this particular makeup style. You can find some great examples of liquid eyeliner  at Cosmetics Fairy with plenty of products available for all budgets.

Applying Eyeliner

Black is the classic look for the kitten flick and provides instant glamour. So how do you achieve the flick look? Here are some easy to follow steps and tips:

  • Tip for newbies – don’t practice while getting ready to go out. Practice with no other eye makeup on and you are staying in. The pressure of getting ready to go out will not help you master the flick.
  • Use a makeup mirror that can be positioned level with your face as you are applying the liner
  • Apply the liquid eyeliner along your top lash, following the lash line, as you reach the end of the top lash the flick is created by extending the line you are drawing.
  • The best way to achieve a great looking kitten flick is to extend the line as if you are extending the lower lash line – it creates a natural shape to the flick that suits your features
  • The flick can then be reconnected back to the top lash line which creates the small “triangle” of the winged flick
  • Slowly build up the flick – it’s easier to add to the thickness than remove!
  • You can also apply the liner to the lower lash to complete the effect
  • The result – gorgeous eye makeup that will WOW!

Once you have mastered the kitten flick don’t be afraid to experiment with different thicknesses to the flick.

The eyeliner effect can be complemented through the use of mascara (to create those wonderfully voluminous lashes) and eyeshadow to add a hint of colour.

You can also try using different colour eyeliners to match different looks and outfits. How about a deep bottle green to accent gorgeous brown eyes or a smoky grey to complement pale blue eyes?

Precision is key to the kitten flick so keep practicing and having the odd makeup remover wipe lying around while you do it could be helpful!!

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